Squeeze Me In, Please

It’s near the end of another term at the college and that means, after all the brouhaha regarding the students’ grades, as well as preparation for next term, I shall be able to reintroduce myself to my personal library and read or re-read  a few tomes. My beloved and I have recently agreed not to purchase any moVoyagere books until we have finished all the new books that have been recently purchased, and there were a lot. The question before us is, how do we resist the call of those pages? How do we turn our backs on the publications that seem to call out our names? (Bibliophiles will know what I mean.)

Below is a list of a few books I wish to read before the month is out. The key word here is “wish.” I don’t see myself finishing these books as early as I want, but maybe it’s for the best.

As someone, somewhere once said, and which I now paraphrase: “So many books, so little time.”


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