A View of the Elections (Part 2, I Think)

I have had several “offline” reactions to my post about “presidentiables” (is that even a word?) so I decided to give a sequel. This time, my post will be in two segments. In the first, I will focus on just two candidates and my musings behind their decision to run and, in the case of the second candidate, not run. In the second segment…well, just read on. (Again, included pictures are by others.)


If the Philippine Presidential Elections were an animal, it would be a very weird one. Something

Get thee behind me, Whoeveryouare!
Get thee behind me, Whoeveryouare!

along the lines of the strange beast John saw in Revelation 13. It was so horrible because one could not make heads or tails of it. Was it a feline? Was it ursine? Below is a snapshot showing why it is weird.


MDS is a late-entry in the foray we call the Philippine Presidential Elections. Reactions to her announcement to run can be summarized into three kinds: First is elation on the part of her fans, both the sensible and the rabid, who are just beside themselves with joy that their idol has finally decided to take another crack at the presidency. There are many who believe that MSD was deprived of a victory by FVR, whose win was brought about by the machinations of the CCA incumbency.

Second is expected disappointment from non-fans. Included in this camp are naysayers and others who continue to accuse her of being brenda (short for brain damaged) and who would be plain happy to see her lose. I was doing part-time work in college during the ’92 elections and I can still remember the various comments in reaction to her running. There was even a discussion revolving around a so-called medical report about her mental stability. (For the record, I don’t think there was any truth to that medical report. But I don’t think truthfulness matters much in the elections.)

Apropos the second point, fresh in the memory of many people are her respective defenses of JEE and GMA, both known to be corrupt. Birds of a feather, so they say.

Third, incredulity. Perhaps a subset of those who are happy with her decision to run again are confused that she would choose to run with FEMJr. I would not be surprised if she lost a few voters because of her association with, and unashamed defense of, the son of a former dictator. Mix in those who, based on reaction number two, are nodding their heads in self-congratulation for being very astute.

My personal thoughts on MDS:

  • I firmly believe that she could have done something had she won in her first presidential bid but now she is way past her prime. Now she strikes me more as a windbag than anything else—a has-been who should learn to keep her mouth shut fifty percent of the time. Her antics in the legal field are more comedic than inspiring.
  • Her quasi-admittance to having cancer makes everything feel all wrong. Let me explain. First she says that she had Stage IV cancer. That is not something to sneeze at. All of the ones I heard who had Stage IV cancer never made it two weeks after announcing they had cancer. Then she announced that she beat her cancer. Two possibilities: Either she’s really as good as she thinks she is (and others say she is) that even the C is afraid of her, or she never really had Stage IV cancer. I’m batting for the latter.
  • Apropos the last point, granting it is Stage IV C that she had, isn’t it a little scary then to elect her to the highest office of the land? What if she succumbs to her illness after she wins and after she’s been sworn in? With current crop of those seeking the vice-presidency, with the sole exception perhaps of MLG-R, wouldn’t the thought of her dying in office cause more than a little worry?
“No, I am not. But maybe I will.”

Meanwhile, RRD has repeatedly stated that he will not run. And, kudos to the man, he has reaffirmed his not running (sort of) despite the rather imbecilic methods to which others have resorted in an effort to convince him otherwise. I won’t go into a lot of detail here since I have already covered in my last post the reasons why I am not in favor of an RRD presidency. Let me just add this: With the way things are going in the realm of Philippine politics—lies, half-truths, more lies, and entertainment in the name of more half-truths being the name of the game—I would not be surprised if RRD would make an about-face and declare his candidacy despite the deadline of the COMELEC. I recently read somewhere that should MDS be disqualified, she can name RRD as a replacement. He would still be “qualified” since she beat the deadline. Que horror!


Here’s the second segment.

Just the other day, I told a group of acquaintances that, taking everything into consideration, I probably would not vote for a president in next year’s election. I didn’t expect a wild reaction and didn’t get one but one person posited a query: If the elections would just boil down to a choice between two people—MAR and JCB—would you still vote and who would you cast your vote for?

To which I sheepishly replied that I would favor JCB over MAR.

A few days after that exchange, and after thinking things over, I realize that the answer should not be so simple. I said I would favor JCB over MAR but that answer assumes that we have to vote for someone. Again, as I have mentioned before, two things go against MAR: his wife and his lackluster track record. There is nothing we can do about his wife, and should that even be a factor in our decision-making? (Maybe yes, maybe no. I’ll reserve that topic for a future post.) It’s the lackluster part that gets me. How come he never achieves anything, no matter where he is placed? Is it because he is really unfit for the job, or is it because he has a buffoon for a PR assistant?

Maybe it’s just the cynic in me (which means it’s all me) but right now, I would prefer to be saddled with a corrupt individual who knows how to curb and control his and others’ corruption (takes one to know one, and all that).

Good grief.


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