What’s New? Mostly, Same Old, Same Old

A lot has happened since I last updated the information on this website. I’ve also gotten some comments that I haven’t been “home” for the past, well….months. The answer is simple: I’ve been busy. Busy with a lot of what’s been happening since I last updated… You know what I mean.

I am writing this in the middle of the afternoon on a very typical Thursday. Here is a rundown of what’s been happening (and yes, that’s the last time I use those particular words in this post):

Work: I still work at the same place. I teach theology courses at an esteemed Bible college and while the work load didn’t actually get bigger, I find myself struggling more and more to be as happy as I was in my first year here. Please don’t

I am not this guy. No, I’m not.

get me wrong. The problem is with me and not with the institution. We know that no institution is perfect but the reason behind my increasing doldrums is that I have not elevated myself on a professional level. Perhaps teaching the same thing over and over may make you so used to the subject that there is little reason to level up. One temptation for teachers, in a general sense, is knowing that they will always be more knowledgeable than their students. It is so easy to give in to that temptation and not want to improve.¬†(My beloved M continues to remind me, ever so lovingly, to finally take my PhD studies. I think it’s time I started listening more intently.)


Ministry: I have been ordained as a Minister of Word and Sacrament in the church where I minister. I will be forever thankful for the vote of confidence from the leaders and members of that small congregation. The church work comes with its share of challenges, like any ministry, and I can say that I don’t feel any doldrums with ministry as I do (even a little) with work.

Personal: I have just recently come from a vacation-cruise, supported by the kindness of my in-laws. The cruise had a lot of hits and misses but for the most part was satisfactory. If the reasoning for a vacation was just to “get away from it all,” then the cruise did help me get away from it all. One particular miss is related to the on-board food. My beloved M would agree that, while¬† we enjoyed a particular dish here and there, we never had a meal on the ship wherein we enjoyed the meal itself.

Another miss would be the lack of anything much to do on board. Or maybe that is the purpose of a cruise–you ride the ship to get somewhere where activities abound. Even the library was a bit disappointing.

The two stopovers were pretty good. The one at the Land of the Rising Sun beats the one at the Land…with no nicknames according to this website. But overall, the stops were enjoyable. Visiting a new culture or country is always an eye-opening adventure. And always a chance for a little shopping.

To go full circle, perhaps I really do need to level up. Stay tuned.