Updated FAQs

The following is a “dialogue” between the blog’s author and Timbukto S. Procopio III, a quasi-fictional interviewer. The latter shall take the place of the blog’s readers in the conversation.

Timbukto S. Procopio III: Hello! Tell us a little something about yourself.

DEOhsan: Hiello! I am the son of P  Jr and L; big brother to V, Y and AA. I was born in Manila but grew up in Pasay City, a city by the way to which I wish never to return. I’m a Taurus, if you count by the Western Zodiac; and a metal boar in the Chinese version. The Taurus-Boar combination means, if you believe in that stuff, that I am kind and generous to a fault, but overall I’m “a load of bull.”) I am currently a member of the Faculty of the Department of Bible and Theology at a seminary in Valenzuela. Started here June of 2010.

TSPIII: What is your educational attainment?

D: I have a BS in Architecture from the University of Sto Tomas (I have a licence to practice architecture, but I don’t do that work much anymore. I also hold an M. Div. Biblical Studies degree from the Biblical Seminary of the Philippines. (God willing, I will begin my PhD studies soon.)


TSPIII: What was your work prior to teaching?

D: I served for five years as an associate pastor at an evangelical church in Quezon City. It’s a nice church, and in many ways a great blessing. I am also a licensed architect, having worked in the field for seven years before entering seminary.

TSPIII: Are you married?

D: Yes, I am very happily married to my beloved M.

TSPIII: Do you have any quirks?

D: Several. I walk with a cane every now and then. Back and leg still hurt. I got that from a biking accident twenty years ago (give or take a few years).

I like the color black. How much do I like the color black? I wear black everyday. (At the very least, I wear something black everyday.) I will condescend to wear a different color every now and then when the occasion calls for it.

Some people also notice I that used to look up (to heaven?) before I answer a question, if I’m really thinking things through, and I look down and to the side when I don’t care to answer the question. Now it’s the reverse.

My hobbies include reading and the occasional water color dabbling. I gave up movies before I started work at F*****. (I still have DVDs though.) I have recently taken up mountain biking again. I also collect toys, chopsticks, umbrellas, and bags. I do a little origami to relieve stress.

I have a unique take on theology–which makes me more of a theological dark horse compared to my contemporaries. Or for the Star Wars fanatics, I am a dark Jedi. (If you’re only vaguely familiar with the Star Wars franchise, you will never understand that last statement.)

TSPIII: What are your favorite movies?

D: I like movies by Tim Burton. My favorite is probably Big Fish. Macabre movies also make my day.

TSPIII: Any favorite reads?

D: I like all kinds of books but right now my job sort of nudges me in the direction of theology and theological studies. I’ve read Lloyd-Jones, Calvin, and a host of work by a variety of dead people. Favorite non-theological book would probably be The Shades by Betty Brock. I also read Conan Doyle and Christie.

TSPIII: What’s the purpose of this blog?

D: It’s a “venue” where I can put my thoughts on “paper.”

TSPIII: Do you enjoy teaching?

D: Yup.

TSPIII: Uh, doesn’t “yup” mean a whole lot of things, depending on the context?

D: Yup. In case you’re interested, yup can be understood in any of the following ways:

Yup = Yes

Yup = No

Yup = Maybe

Yup = Dunno

Yup = Could be

Yup = I’m not sure I like you

Yup = Yup

TSPIII: So which one is it? Do you enjoy teaching?

D: Yup.

TSPIII: What was/is your weirdest wish?

D: If I had the money, I would go to the United Kingdom and purchase me a haunted castle. And I’d live in it, enjoying the fact that very few people would visit me. I mean, who really wants to rub shoulders with spooks? But I don’t have a lot of money so….


16 thoughts on “Updated FAQs”

  1. I’m an american minister that is wanting to email a minister named Ian Densham about some Martyn Lloyd-Jones messages that he has.

    I could send him a letter, but email would be much easier for me.

    I saw that your website has his name on it…Do you happen to have his email address?

    In Christ,

    Mark Berggren
    Kentucky, USA

  2. Hola! Felice Añonuevo! Happy Birthday! 生日快乐! Maligayang Kaarawan at Manigong Bagong Taon! hehe =P cheers!

  3. sir i love your hair..,eheh!!
    and i also love your 500 pose..’


    God bless poh sa ministry.., c:

  4. hello, thank you for terrific twosome Serenitea treats !!
    Your personal opinion:
    What is the most important spiritual discipline?
    Please elaborate your response.

  5. ang talino nitong teacher ko na to. hope marami pa kong matututunan sa inyo. :))

  6. I only have two (at least or at most or exactly perhaps..) reactions whenever I talk to this man.. It’s either I feel like I just had a glass of cold water to relieve my thirsty mind and heart, or I just ate a bar of chocolate, making me thirsty again for knowledge and wisdom..

  7. It’s been a long time since I last visited this site. HAHA!
    Missing my sanctuary though. Rawrr!! 🙂

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