Ad Hominem

Greetings and welcome to my blog! I am a Bible college professor and my readers would understandably presume that my posts would be of a generally religious nature and/or with a particularly focus on Christian topics. While some of the issues I write about may involve religion and religious issues, many of the posts herein shall be on various and sundry topics and thus will make sense to the general public. Other times, my posts will make sense only to me. In the case of the latter, the posts would be just extensions of whatever I’m thinking and putting random ideas onto “paper.” Feel free to browse around and interact but heed a word of warning: The use of profanity is not allowed in here. If you can’t express yourself apart from profanities and obscene words, you are not worth interacting with. The same goes for individuals who hide behind anonymity or who use one word IDs (unless I already know you are). The nice thing about WordPress is the option to filter out unwanted and cowardly comments.


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