An Interview with a Professor

The following is a “dialogue” between the blog’s author and Timbukto S. Procopio III, a quasi-fictional interviewer. The latter shall take the place of the blog’s readers in the conversation.

Timbukto S. Procopio III: Hello! Tell us a little something about yourself.

DEOhsan: Hiello! I am the son of P  Jr and L; big brother to V, Y and AA. I was born in Manila but grew up in Pasay City, a city by the way to which I wish never to return. I’m a Taurus, if you count by the Western Zodiac; and a metal boar in the Chinese version. The Taurus-Boar combination means, if you believe in that stuff, that I am kind and generous to a fault, but overall I’m “a load of bull.”) I am currently a member of the Faculty of the Department of Bible and Theology at a seminary in Valenzuela. Started here June of 2010.

TSPIII: What is your educational attainment?

D: I have a BS in Architecture from the University of Sto Tomas (I have a licence to practice architecture, but I don’t do that work much anymore. I also hold an M. Div. Biblical Studies degree from the Biblical Seminary of the Philippines. (God willing, I will begin my PhD studies soon.)


TSPIII: What was your work prior to teaching?

D: I served for five years as an associate pastor at an evangelical church in Quezon City. It’s a nice church, and in many ways a great blessing. I am also a licensed architect, having worked in the field for seven years before entering seminary.

TSPIII: Are you married?

D: Yes, I am very happily married to my beloved M.

TSPIII: Do you have any quirks?

D: Several. I walk with a cane every now and then. Back and leg still hurt. I got that from a biking accident twenty years ago (give or take a few years).

I like the color black. How much do I like the color black? I wear black everyday. (At the very least, I wear something black everyday.) I will condescend to wear a different color every now and then when the occasion calls for it.

Some people also notice I that used to look up (to heaven?) before I answer a question, if I’m really thinking things through, and I look down and to the side when I don’t care to answer the question. Now it’s the reverse.

My hobbies include reading and the occasional water color dabbling. I gave up movies before I started work at F*****. (I still have DVDs though.) I have recently taken up mountain biking again. I also collect toys, chopsticks, umbrellas, and bags. I do a little origami to relieve stress.

I have a unique take on theology–which makes me more of a theological dark horse compared to my contemporaries. Or for the Star Wars fanatics, I am a dark Jedi. (If you’re only vaguely familiar with the Star Wars franchise, you will never understand that last statement.)

TSPIII: What are your favorite movies?

D: I like movies by Tim Burton. My favorite is probably Big Fish. Macabre movies also make my day.

TSPIII: Any favorite reads?

D: I like all kinds of books but right now my job sort of nudges me in the direction of theology and theological studies. I’ve read Lloyd-Jones, Calvin, and a host of work by a variety of dead people. Favorite non-theological book would probably be The Shades by Betty Brock. I also read Conan Doyle and Christie.

TSPIII: What’s the purpose of this blog?

D: It’s a “venue” where I can put my thoughts on “paper.”

TSPIII: Do you enjoy teaching?

D: Yup.

TSPIII: Uh, doesn’t “yup” mean a whole lot of things, depending on the context?

D: Yup. In case you’re interested, yup can be understood in any of the following ways:

Yup = Yes

Yup = No

Yup = Maybe

Yup = Dunno

Yup = Could be

Yup = I’m not sure I like you

Yup = Yup

TSPIII: So which one is it? Do you enjoy teaching?

D: Yup.

TSPIII: What was/is your weirdest wish?

D: If I had the money, I would go to the United Kingdom and purchase me a haunted castle. And I’d live in it, enjoying the fact that very few people would visit me. I mean, who really wants to rub shoulders with spooks? But I don’t have a lot of money so….


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