Lord’s Day 062214

I’m missing out on corporate Lord’s Day celebration today. My body just will not cooperate. ¬†Within the past three days, I have traveled more than two hundred kilometers, shuffling back and forth from Imus, Cavite and Quezon City, because my mom needed to go the hospital for some persistent cough. She’s been discharged, but the… Read More Lord’s Day 062214

“I Don’t Know” (Alternate Title: “We Don’t Know”)

A little introduction:¬†Not a few followers of my blog have commented that I have been quiet for some time. Two reasons for my not writing anything recently: First is that I’ve been quite busy doing…other things. This does not mean that my blog will eventually die a natural, quiet death but it does mean that… Read More “I Don’t Know” (Alternate Title: “We Don’t Know”)